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Virgo, a feminine sign, is fastidious, practical and realistic rather than romantic. Flexible Virgo, a mutable sign, readily adapts to change. Instinctively responsive to the needs of others, Virgo readily adapts to different people and changing circumstances by finding ways to make yourself useful. When the spotlight is not aimed directly at Virgo, but on a product or a service Virgo offers, Virgo makes an excellent salesperson, or effective negotiator and can be a good manager, though Virgo should avoid being too critical of those who cannot match her high personal standards. Now some Virgoans are not above using an inability to achieve perfection as the excuse for their own idleness and unproductiveness. This is out of character with your true nature. Sloppy, disorganized, and irresponsible is not the Virgoan Way. Moreover, Virgo's own bad habits do not in the least inhibit her from criticizing others for the same behaviour. Virgo's analytical ability makes her an excellent critic of the talent and performance of those more skilled than herself. Whatever Virgo does needs to be of a practical and helpful nature; Virgo needs not wallow in self-criticism because Virgo herself fail to meet those same unrealistic standards. In the art of lovemaking, Virgo is a slow-burning fuse that, once properly ignited, leads to an explosion of white heat which takes quite a while to cool down. Virgos are however very fastidious and critical of the personal habits of others, which can be a big turn-off and prevent them from achieving a fulfilling relationship, or even participating at all in the messy business of involvement. Able to talk her way into or out of anything, Virgos are generally perceived to be quite witty and entertaining, if a tad too critical and prone to hypochondria. Virgos are unwilling to discuss their innermost feelings with anyone save a very trusted confidante, so anyone who wishes to get to know you deeply must be prepared to persevere, in which case she will prove a lifelong friend and ally, who can reach great heights of sexual attainment.
Virgo's sexuality is delicate and fastidious. The way to her heart is through her head. While she can intellectually assent to any number of unusual or unorthodox views and positions on any number of subjects, in practice she is pretty conservative and hard-headed when it comes to relationships, particularly when sex is involved. Virgo can easily become cynical. Virgos are not the most highly sexed sign of the zodiac, but they are perhaps the most intellectual. At the same time, being an Earth Sign, ruled by the planet Mercury (the messenger of the gods and the ruler of intellect and communication), Virgo likes to keep a critical eye on the proceedings with a view to not letting things get out of hand. She will experiment with a good grace, especially if convinced that she can trust her partner not to make too much of a mess, or leave things in total disarray, but basically Virgo prefers a more refined form of sexual relationship, wherein sex has its place (in the bedroom) and decorum rules. A meeting of minds is what she really prefers, although this is not to say that she never gets horny. The more adventurous amongst you will throw caution to the winds for a while as Libra sows her oats, but will invariably need to return to her own ordered spaces to consider and categorise the experience.Admirers must realise that Virgo can be quite spectacularly moody and may lash out with a sharp tongue if an affront be perceived, but can be assured that if they are well-presented and trustworthy, Virgo will respond well to the slow but steady approach.In the art of lovemaking, Virgo presents a slow-burning fuse that, once properly lit, ignites an explosion of white heat which can take a while to cool down. Moreover, Virgo can be a devoted and caring partner for someone with whom she feels an intellectual rapport and whose mind she respects.
Speaking about this sign everything is surprisingly natural and open though, it would seem, its name should point to reverse: should you wait for openness from a Virgo in a secret sphere of erotics? But nevertheless the fact is: Virgos are not keen of making their lives difficult by different conventionalities. If they decide to spend a night with someone they allow themselves full freedom of actions being guided only by their sexual instincts and notions. And what is unusual in this: we are talking about most natural thing in the world! Their secret is in something different. Even in sex for Virgo the priority role is played by manners, style, demand and fastidiousness. She just can't have a partner who is primitive, rough, who doesn't look after himself. Feelings in her start speaking when in all glitter revealed such qualities of the partner as intellect and life experience. This wakens the eroticism in her, and she even agrees to play a subordinate role in bed if a partner corresponds to these criteria. At the same time love for her remains to a certain extent a duty, and this duty is about creating way of life together. Virgo is a person of practical disposition, and almost right after orgasm she starts thinking what and how she should do about the house. She can be a reliable friend. She will be at your side in joys and sorrows, and it is a rare thing in our times.


"Iron" Virgos having all their reasonableness and positiveness in the questions of sex are great realists. This intelligent ladies know too well that healthy organism needs it, that's why they just adore flirting. Now, when morals have become easier, Virgos also thirst for liberation. They only need to control themselves not to get too much involved in a game, so that easy manners would not become their nature. The game of temptation is loved by Virgos. They find potential admirers who attract Virgos with their intelligence and start seducing them, not letting the guy to sit quiet and silent. It is wonderful how fast they cope with this job of seducing a man. Further on Virgos do not wait for special invitation; you would get surprised how fast they part with their clothes as soon as suitable occasion arises. If a partner offers them to make love on a hayloft or use a table in the kitchen - always welcome! And the further the more, when they taste it they start feeling with all their self that it is important for them not to miss a thing, take everything life can give. With every love adventure their attractiveness and physical skill grow. With this approach love turns into a kind of sport, but in this growing tempo they see hidden source of pleasure. Place for making love that traditionally make her excitable is her working place, and this is to add to their hardworking and disciplined nature. Surrounded by computers and folders with documents she boldly flirts with everyone indiscriminately - with colleagues, with boss. Though she is taking into consideration status difference "boss-subordinate", but she is not against of making love in free-from-work time. For Virgo it gives necessary variety and broadens circle of her acquaintances.


Practically never lose their head. They would resist even when the most subtle weapon is used without batting an eyelid. That's the way Virgos are. But if their reason says "yes" they start planning forthcoming pleasure and even initial stage of desire with all thoroughness as experienced strategists. It goes without saying that they should take a shower before the act of love as Virgo needs a feeling of cleanness so nothing would hamper her from indulging in fleshy pleasure. Virgos like when one massages their elbows and popliteal spaces, and also area around navel which is very sensitive. Some Virgos are pleased when their face is being covered with hot kisses. Light music that creates special atmosphere wakes their sexual fantasies, which are in general not very intensive. To stimulate oneself before closeness Virgos often watch erotic movies or read proper literature.

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